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She pulled on her grub pants from her "Ceramics" drawer and scrubbed the sleep from her face. Putting in her contacts, she snagged her morning pills and gulped them down dry, chasing it with the half-full glass of stale water on her nightstand. Marianne made a face at the bitterness. Her German Shepherd puppy, Rocky, bid her a good morning by licking her feet, and between her toes. Rocky, stop that, silly boy!

You know my feet don't taste good," she said sleepily. As if he understood, he sat down and stared up at her wrinkling his nose in disgust. She laughed and scratched his ears. He stuck his nose between her knees and sniffed eagerly before she shoved him roughly away from her intimate area. She grabbed a bra that was hanging over the back of her desk chair and clipped it on.

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After feeding and watering Rocky, she let him out into the large fenced in back yard so he could run around all day and drink from the river that flowed just on the edge of the property line, then grabbed her keys and left for work. A fun six hour shift on her feet at a neighbor's shop and she clocked out about two in the afternoon.

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She was heading back to her car when she spotted something very strange out of the corner of her eye. Turning she spotted a man in his early twenties, along with a group of nineteen-twenty year olds staring at the traffic lights. She would have shrugged it off were it not for their clothing.

They were dressed like Oh no. Her eyes widened. She pulled out her phone and called her friend Anita. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But just meet me downtown by the bus terminal. They aren't going anywhere for a while: they're watching the lights change. We're going to have to see if we can get that old clunker up and running," Anita said.

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Together, the two friends laughed before hanging up. She slipped into Old Norse, a language she had picked up one summer because she was bored. The boy with the black armour looked at her funny. I just did it because I had nothing else to do, and I also wanted to learn more about Vikings, like you. So I ask again, what brings you here? You're probably going to think I'm crazy for saying this, but uh, we fell through a water typhoon, I guess," he said. What are your names so I can introduce you to my friend who will be helping me?

We're all from-" Hiccup started. A transdimensional portal. My favorite!

My dog is going to drown himself for sure this time. Wait a minute. Where are your dragons? Or was it different colors of green? What's going to happen to our dragons?! How many of you are there? Perfect, we'll get in my van and drive to my parents' place. Follow me," she said wriggling out of his grasp. They allowed her to guide them to her cart-that-runs-by-itself and they all piled in, three in the back, two in the middle, and one in the front. Snotlout, Hiccup, and Fishlegs were in the very back, Ruffnut and Tuffnut were in the middle and Astrid sat up front.

Marianne's bluetooth connected automatically upon starting her vehicle. She called Anita immediately to inform her of the change in plan. I think the Science Dweebs may have tranq'd the 'gons and taken them to be well, poked, prodded, and sampled," she said. She slapped Astrid's hand away from the air conditioning dial.

Everyone take the belt that's behind you and pull it across your chest.


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Put the metal piece into the slot beside the bright red button and push until it clicks. We're not moving until you're buckled up. Anita, meet me at my place in twenty. And bring Dake with you, we're going to need an astrophysisist. The click of a seatbelt buckle being clicked told her that someone had successfully followed her directions. Hiccup seemed pretty excited about the fact that his seat was comfortably squishy, and held him snuggly like a tight hug. He explained to the rest of the crew how he did it and they tried his method, which succeeded.

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Good, we're going to be going to my place until we can figure out how to get your dragons back. This isn't going to be easy, but it will be doable," she said as she pulled out of the parking spot. She turned on the radio so they could listen to music while they drove. How cool is that? Well, it's hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Oh come on, dude, really?

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Nice blinker, censored. Sorry, that wasn't nice, don't call anyone that," the driver explained. This was going to be a long five minute drive. Questions began flying from everyone, and began to give her a headache. She put a deathgrip on the steering wheel before checking in her mirrors to ensure no one was behind her. Seeing no one she slammed on the brakes, shutting everyone up and sending them all flying against their restraints.

What's wrong? Can your people read minds or something? Is something wrong with our dragons? There is, isn't there? Why won't you answer-" Hiccup started. I need quiet to drive," Marianne screamed, silencing him. Fishlegs and everyone else sat back, tight-lipped and well-behaved. We'll be back at homebase in five minutes.

Do you think you can be silent that long? Is everyone okay? Answer quietly, as if a baby were sleeping lightly in here. Wake the baby, you have to change the stinky diaper. Slowly, one by one, starting with Astrid, who seemed thoroughly shaken, they all answered. Scared, but fine.

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That just really scared me, but I'm okay," he whimpered. There were too many questions. You guys have to understand, I don't do this kind of thing everyday. If everyone's okay, we're going to drive in silence, listening to music, okay? Hearing no objections, she turned her blinker on and started driving again.

Edit: is this girl part of some sort of anomally task force, like in Primeval? I'm in love with that show It kinda does sound like she helps people from other times a lot.