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They couldn't get into the oak Parlour using either a second locked door from another room or through the shuttered window and so they broke the door down and found the body with curiously little blood coming from it. No one benefited from the death, not even the next in line to the title, Hugo Charnley, as Alix, Lord Charnley's widow, was revealed to be pregnant and when her boy was born later on, he automatically inherited. Satterthwaite receives an unexpected guest — Aspasia Glen, the celebrated dramatist. She was at the gallery and was also taken with "The Dead Harlequin" and wants to buy it.

Satterthwaite dislikes the lady's false coquettish manner and is both relieved and surprised when Alix Charnley telephones him part way through his conversation also wanting to buy the picture.

Series: Harley Quin

Recognising that events are coming to a head as they always do in matters involving Mr Quin, Satterthwaite asks Alix Charnley to come round to the house immediately. He escorts Miss Glen to where his other guests are and is not surprised to see that Mr Quin has arrived. When Alix also joins them, she is introduced to the others recognising Miss Glen, presumably from one of her stage performances. They all start to relive the night and now, with the space of fourteen years having passed, Alix feels able to reveal that the reason for the suicide was a letter Lord Charnley received from the invited governess telling him that she was pregnant by him — just a month after his marriage to Alix.

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Monkton thinks that all is explained but Satterthwaite wants to know why Bristow's picture portrays the dead figure in the Terrace Room and not in the adjoining Oak Parlour. It is almost as if the death occurred there and the body was put in the Oak Parlour afterwards but as Monkton says, they saw Lord Charnley walk into the Oak Parlour. Satterthwaite points out though that they saw a figure in fancy dress who could have been anyone. The only person who called him "Lord Charnley" was the same person who was allegedly pregnant by him.

A shot then fired in the locked room could have been accounted for by another bullet hole in the wall to go with the ones created by past duels and there is a priest hole to hide the person just seen entering the room. Any bloodstain on the floor of Terrace Room would have been covered by valuable red Bokhara rug which seems to have been placed there on that night only and the body was therefore dragged on the rug into the Oak Parlour.

The stains on the rug could have been cleaned up by a lady with a ewer and if anyone sighted her, she would have been taken for the house's ghost. Alix suddenly recognises Miss Glen as the woman who called out to Lord Charnley that night. The accused woman rushes out of Satterthwaite's house after confessing that she loved Hugo - who was the man seen in the fancy dress costume, Lord Charnley already being dead - and helped him with the murder but he abandoned her soon after and died the previous year.

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