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Conclusion: Wife Guy. Wife: Elizabeth. She was often ill, as First Lady, and hosting duties were sometimes assumed by her daughters. Wife: Louisa. According to FirstLadies.

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While an unhappy relationship certainly does not exclude someone from being a Wife Guy see: Elf Wife Guy , Wife Guys need to performatively admire their wives. JQA was too openly disdainful of his wife, and of women in general. Wife: Rachel. His opponent, non-Wife Guy John Quincy Adams, played up the fact that Rachel had not been fully divorced from her first husband when she married Jackson, making her briefly a bigamist cool. Jackson vehemently defended her, but he was purely reactive.

Wife: Hannah. Hannah died of tuberculosis 18 years before Martin Van Buren became president, and according to FirstLadies.

Wife: Anna. Wi ves : Letitia, Julia. John Tyler had two wives while in office. The first, Letitia Tyler, died of a stroke, and a couple of years later, he married his second, much younger wife, Julia, while he was in office. She rejected the first several of his proposals, and finally agreed to marry him only after her father died in a naval gun explosion during a presidential excursion on a new steam frigate.

Wife: Sarah. Peggy, who had followed her husband around the country on his various military campaigns, desperately did not want him to be president.

Zachary Taylor, in true Wife Guy fashion, instead of listening to her concerns, turned them into a bit that became a big part of his public brand. Wife: Jane. Jane Pierce was shy, reclusive, and hated political life. After her husband was sworn in, Jane receded from the public eye, and he did not make a single vlog about her. Wife: Mary.

Disrespecting Obama: Race, Class, Empire, and Identity Politics -

Wife: Eliza. Afterward, he secluded himself for weeks in humiliation. This event has absolutely nothing to do with his wife, Eliza, but it has big Wife Guy energy. Wife: Julia. Julia Grant was born with strabismus, the medical term for crossed eyes. She never wanted to undergo the surgery to correct the condition eye surgery in the s?

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In response, Ulysses S. Were he a Wife Guy, he would have talked about his Cross-Eyed Wife loudly and frequently in the lead up to his election. Wife: Lucy. In fact, it was her husband who decided to ban alcohol in order to get the vote of temperance advocates, and he let the public believe he was the Dry Wife Guy. Wife: Lucretia. Wife: Nell. Nell Arthur died two years before Chester A.

Wife: Frances. While he was in office. Cleveland married year-old Frances Folsom, whom he had been tasked with raising after her father died when she was I hate it. Wife: Caroline. Caroline Harrison renovated the White House during her tenure, installing electricity, new plumbing and new floors, adding bathrooms, and putting up paint and wallpaper.

She died of tuberculosis while he was in office.

President Barack Obama's best moments on camera

Wife: Frances again. Again, I hate it! Conclusion: He raised her! Wife: Ida. Ida McKinley struggled with epilepsy, and William McKinley was very protective of her, insisting she sit next to him with state dinners instead of at the other end of the table, as was tradition. When Ida felt a seizure coming on at the table, William would place a napkin over her head so no one would see her face contorting.

A Wife Guy would not cover her face in this situation, and would probably post a video. Wi ves : Alice; Edith. He left Alice out of his autobiography, and did not mention Alice or Edith when working with Joseph Bucklin Bishop on a biography. Nellie Taft was, to use the official term, the hang-ten emoji of First Ladies. Nellie would never allow herself to marry a Wife Guy.

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Wi ves : Ellen, Edith. He then fell in love with the widowed Edith Galt, and married her in office. After he suffered a stroke, Edith became the main conduit between the president and his Cabinet. Conclusion: Big time Wife Guy. Sought refuge in the Bible. Comforted frightened children. But his track record on race seemed to make his triumph cut deeper and feel more personal to many African-Americans.

One sentiment rang loudest in many African-American hearts and minds: The election shows where we really stand. Now the truth is plain to see, many said — the truth about how an uncomfortable percentage of white people view the concerns and lives of their black fellow citizens.

Dissing Obama

Fifty-seven percent of his county, a mix of rural areas and hollowed-out towns, voted for Trump. According to exit polls , Trump won the votes of 67 percent of whites without a college degree, the bedrock of his support. He captured 58 percent of the total white vote, and beat Clinton 49 to 45 percent among white college graduates. Fifty-four percent of white male college graduates voted for Trump. Trump did make overtures to the black community, promising to bring jobs and better education to struggling cities.

A majority of black folks essentially overestimated the extent of white racism. Yet in , Obama won 43 percent of the white vote nationally — more than previous Democratic candidates John Kerry and Al Gore. What does it mean that so many whites voted for someone whom so many others viewed as racist? This is a deeply painful moment. She awoke feeling tight and numb. Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election in the early hours of the morning in a widely unforeseen upset.