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Maybe some restaurant makes it like that, but it sounds quite rare. This was so helpful! Thank you so much for compiling this list and doing all of the work for us! This is amazing thank you for all the lovely ideas! He does eat meat, so it is useful to have ideas of places to go which cater for both! This blog post was originally posted on June 4, , and was updated on July 27, Fear not: Madrid loves its meat, but we know how to get our veggie on as well!

B13 The go-to spot for delicious, traditional Spanish food like tortilla and croquetas , just vegan! Photo credit: VEGA. Photo credit: La Encomienda. Photo credit: Reineta Vegetariano. The vegan nachos at Yerbabuena are enough to feed a crowd! Photo credit: Yerbabuena. Not every cafe in central Madrid can lay claim to a terrace as relaxing as that of Abonavida. Photo credit: Abonavida. Toast with excellent olive oil and fresh tomato. Pisto , a Spanish version of ratatouille, is one of our favorites for those eating vegan in Madrid.

A delicious vegetarian tapas spread: croquetas, patatas bravas, setas rebozadas and pan con tomate! Cooked to perfection on the outside and gooey on the inside: just how we like our tortilla! Beat the heat with cool gazpacho on a summer day. Grilled mushrooms make for an excellent vegetarian and vegan tapa! Planeta Vegano is your one-stop shop for all your plant-based needs. Photo credit: Planeta Vegano. Photo credit: Nanyea. Fruits and vegetables on display at the San Miguel Market.

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Avant Garden E. Hangawi 12 E. Madison Ave. Root-vegetable rice bowls, pumpkin porridge, fermented cabbage, an abundance of mushrooms, and lots of greens. But just yanking at the imposing, practically castle-moat doors and entering this oddball oasis — a kind of cross between a monastery mess hall and a cozy mountain ski lodge — is still a thrill. Sunshine Hummus and Happiness 59 E. The Greenwich Village branch of the Israeli—born hummus chain Vish has changed its name to Sunshine, after its chef and owner. Everything else has stayed the same: the congenial, seat setting, the free Turkish coffee, and, most crucially, the specialty of the house: sufficiently creamy, tahini-rich, ground fresh for each order, and served as warm and fluffy as the accompanying pita.

Hummus has always been filling, high-protein manna for those abstaining from meat, and with the exception of a few dishes with eggs including a hummus-shakshuka hybrid , everything is vegan. Should you ever grow tired of eating mashed chickpeas straight up, you can get it topped with garnishes like fava beans, eggplant, mushrooms, and even a vegan shawarma fashioned from soy protein, though the less said about this last the better. Beyond Sushi Multiple locations. Vegan sushi calls to mind white rice concealing a sad sliver of cucumber or burdock.

Nothing like the multihued constructions served up by this chainlet, which has carved a niche for itself by transforming the globally-inspired contents of latter-day grain bowls into distinctive plant-based rolls. Worth St. Contrary to popular belief, hippies from Woodstock did not invent mock meats; Chinese Buddhists did, and this unassuming spot at the southern tip of Mott Street is a worthy descendent of the tradition.

If we counted correctly, there are dishes on the menu, not including lunch specials, but the place earns a spot on this vegan food list for its Bar-B-Q Veg Meat alone — sweet, chewy, compulsively edible strips of wheat gluten that bear a striking resemblance to char siu. Leonard St. This under-the-radar osteria with a vegetarian bent went totally meatless in early , but 75 percent of the menu is straight-up vegan or vegan-izable.

Gay St. Coq au vin. Foie gras with fig jam. But nothing is precisely what it seems. Double Zero 65 Second Ave. After abandoning New York for the warmer climes and superior produce of the West Coast, Matthew Kenney returned to New York in spirit, at least to open this plant-based pizzeria, named for the finely ground flour favored by Neapolitan pizzaioli.

May Kaidee E. Broadway, nr. Clinton St. How you feel about this American outpost of a Bangkok—based restaurant chainlet and cooking school depends on whether you think Thai food made without fish sauce and shrimp paste qualifies as Thai food. If not, the low-key, subterranean space, relocated in December from its original Curry Hill digs, might not be for you.

Green mango salad is fresh and vibrant, with a perceptible chili bite; loosely wrapped summer rolls are plump and crunchy with foliage; and Indian-inspired Massaman curry appears as a sort of tofu-and-vegetable medley served with a salutary heap of brown and red rice. Dinner unfolds at a leisurely too leisurely, some might say pace, and ends with a mug of restorative tea.

The Jamaican patties are stuffed with callaloo and peas, or soy versions of meat. For the casual spot that it is, the attention to the food is remarkable.

WHAT I ATE AS A VEGAN IN SAN FRANCISCO (#2) - Vegan Around The World #7

It sources all of its meat and eggs from within the state, and does the same for most of its cheeses. Pickles are made in-house and so is the almond milk; the coffee is, of course, locally roasted. And though their traditional biscuits are flaky and their beef short rib fork-worthy, their most raved-about offerings are vegan. There are banh mi on crusty local hoagies with crispy organic fried tofu, punctuated with pickled carrot and daikon, slathered with hoisin and vegan mayo; there are comforting bowls of coconut curry soup; and for brunch, pancakes are not to be overlooked.


Vegan Guide to Bangkok | Vegan Food Quest

All of the aforementioned are vegan. For those craving something more alive , there are raw quiches and raw mushroom soups to boot. The Root Cafe would easily earn respect just for its commitment to sustainable sourcing one cow at a time, for example ; but the fact that it also executes its food with such skill puts it in another category altogether. Pioneering plant-based food in Huntsville, Alabama, longtime chef and vegetarian Forest Wilson is among a growing community of people of color who are changing the formerly narrow image of the plant-based movement.

Four James Beard Award semi-finalists this past year are another.

50 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In The World

Although new, The Gold Leaf Collective illustrates how lesser known cities like Fort Collins are capitalizing on proximity to farms that cover so much of the state, while attracting culinary talent and customers from nearby Boulder and Denver. What started as a food truck has now morphed into a brick-and-mortar location whose casual atmosphere belies its frankly sophisticated cuisine.

This is the direction in which plant-based dining should be moving, and we want to follow it. The bookstore is, of course, what makes Bloodroot so special, but even without it, the food is a delight. Sometimes, a vegan restaurant is only a place to get delicious food. Drop Squad Kitchen falls into the latter category, in the most positive way. Owner Abundance Child what a name went vegan in and, after experiencing what she says is increased energy, weight loss and clearer skin, she never looked back.

Broccoli Revolution

But why, you ask? They have a stand-out spaghetti squash pasta with quinoa meatballs that straddles the line between comforting and modern. Whatever you choose, wash it all down with a garden to glass cocktail; the Spa-Day with organic cucumber vodka, smashed mint, and coconut water is not to be missed, especially for those who gravitate towards savory drinks. There are many, many places like Beet Box Cafe all over Hawaii. Unassumingly located next to the Post Office, the avocado toast here is one of the best around: an almost avocado to bread ratio, with utterly fluffy toast beneath.

Their falafel burger is toothsome and well-spiced, although be sure to order an extra side of aioli if you like yours particularly moist. The breakfast beans and brown rice are topped with sprouts and are simply, perfectly executed; nothing begs to be added or subtracted. The organic pitaya bowl is lovingly crafted with banana, papaya and almond milk, topped with coconut flakes and bee pollen, among other things.

Make sure your phone is charged so you can Instagram. Like many places on this roundup, Beet Box very much captures the spirit of its location.