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This is an advanced academic certificate at the postbaccalaureate level. The courses are taught by regular SDSU Computer Science faculty, and adhere to the same high standards as any of our other graduate-level courses.

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The certificate requires completion of at least four courses 12 units from the six courses available, selected with the approval of the program advisor. At least two of the four courses must be at the level.

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Courses must be completed with a 3. In order to earn the advanced certificate, you must apply and be admitted to SDSU.

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These courses can also be taken individually, without applying to the certificate program. You just need to register for the courses through the CES web site and pay the course fees. Or give us a call at We'll be happy to help you find details on application requirements, school tuition and navigating the financial aid process.

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Let's Take the Next Step If you know you're ready to get your career started with this computer science degree, now's the time to apply. Apply Online Now.

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  5. You will pick up different tags and elements of HTML5 and become fluent in their syntax and usage. You'll also build confidence in styling using CSS and master making pages interactive through JavaScript. Small displays, small code footprint, adherence to Model View Controller architecture and so much more.

    businesspodden.se/map114.php This course will involve hands-on application that allows you to get a clear understanding of everything needed for professional mobile application development. In addition to the basics like shaders, the graphics pipeline and touch interaction, you'll also cover advanced effects involving particles, lighting models, and the depth buffer. Topics such as debugging your program and what to watch out for when deploying to the market are also part of this dynamic course offering. Request Information If you're curious about this computer science program at Cogswell College, we're here to help.